The Story of The Flying Tigers


During the summer of 1941, 300 young American men and women secretly trained in the jungles of Southeast Asia, preparing to face the Japanese Air Force in combat over the skies of China and Burma. Within weeks of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the daring exploits of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) captured the imagination of the world. The Chinese called them Fei Hu, for the shark's teeth painted on their planes. The world knew them as the legendary Flying Tigers. Through the use of rare film footage shot by the Flying Tigers themselves, FEI HU: THE STORY OF THE FLYING TIGERS tells the story of how, Claire Chennault, the commander of the Flying Tigers, shaped a hard-drinking, brawling bunch of inexperienced airmen into a fighting unit with a war record second to none. FEI HU: THE STORY OF THE FLYING TIGERS is a tribute to the small group of men and women who fought against overwhelming odds and lifted the spirits of both the American and Chinese people during the darkest days of World War II.

"The best telling of the Flying Tigers accurate and compelling account."
J.R. "Dick" Rossi, President, the Flying Tigers Association

Shown as part of "History's Best on PBS," the original director's cut, containing an additional 30 minutes of rare footage and interviews, is now available on video cassette and DVD!

Flying Tigers P-40 Squadron

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